Originally presented on 9/14/22

Led by Christie Jordan


Class description:

We need now more than ever greater confidence in ourselves, our intuition, our bodies, and our immune systems. There are so many things outside of us we have no control over, and yet we spend our precious Qi/Energy in trying to control things. We can be intentional about directing our inner Qi to assisting our bodies to weather the storm, because our bodies are designed to do that. How do you assist your body’s immune system in weathering the storms that are a part of life?



Join us in "The Qi of Mindful Immunity," webinar designed to educate, inspire and inform you to take responsibility for what you can do in terms of your health and your family’s health.   


In this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • Stress and the immune system. 
  • Your greatest ally, your body.  
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lens of the immune system
  • Ways to improve the immune system  (food, lifestyle, supplements, herbs, best practices).


*10% of each sale will be donated to the organization Operation Underground Railroad, which is a nonprofit that rescues children from human trafficking.

WEBINAR: The Qi of Mindful Immunity

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