*This is the recored version of this seminar, originally held on:

April 22nd + April 29th 2021

Led by Christie Jordan


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Course description:

We all have within us this huge ability to create and manifest. We are doing it all the time. If we are not aware, we can create undesirable situations from unconscious states, and we can therefore create our own blockages. If we are awake, we have the ability to create intentionally, move forward with our heart’s desires on a blank canvas our hearts get to paint on. To create from our hearts is a part of the blueprint of humanity. We are designed to do this.  


Join me in this webinar series to learn how to become a conscious creator in your life. Creation is simply ENERGY in motion. Learn to connect and follow direction from your heart to move you forward on the path you came in to consciously walk.


 We will cover the following:

  • Permission to create our heart’s desires, our joy
  • Careers transform into passions
  • Shifting our relationship with work and productivity
  • Shifting our relationship with money
  • How conscious creation impacts the world
  • And much more!




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Seminar: The Qi of Conscious Creation