"For the last twenty years, I’ve used these three crystals together in the same room to set intentions and light frequencies. The Arkansas, Brazilian, and Lemurian Quartz are a foundational trifecta for setting sacred space. In addition to creating a grid in the home, these three can be used in meditation - individually or together.


There is no “right” way to creating a grid in your home. They can be arranged vertically, horizontally, or at different levels. The process of setting the grid can be intuitive. If you feel called to place the stones in a particular way, trust your inner voice and shift them around as needed."


– Christie Jordan (Founder of Source Healing & The Awakened Now)





Arkansas Quartz creates a crystal grid in your home or office, laying a grounded communication system of light in your sacred space. Place one 4” Arkansas point on the ground anywhere in your home to lay the grid of light. Arkansas Quartz keeps you grounded but also lifts you up, as it is connected to the stars. It acts as an instant messenger to align you to your divine immediately. Holding Arkansas Quartz in meditation can also activate a light frequency in your body.


BRAZILIAN QUARTZ – The Energy Generator


Brazilian Quartz is responsible for generating energy/Qi, movement, and flow.

It’s about manifesting the right situations, people, resources, and information when you need them. Its frequency helps to open doors at the right time. When you have this in your sacred space, it’s a reminder that you are not stuck – but instead have the power to clear limitations and blockages to align yourself with divine flow.


LEMURIAN WAND – The Healer and Guide


Lemurian Quartz is from Brazil and is a master healing and channeling stone. It assists in opening your frequency for deep inner seeing, hearing, and sensing. It activates an antenna of light up and down the spine to create greater energetic clarity and align you with greater healing and guidance. In the home, it can pair with Arkansas quartz and Brazilian quartz to create an essential lineup of quartz crystals that work harmoniously together. With all three of these in your home, they connect your grounded body to your spiritual body and to your universal roots. This is also a great tool to hold while meditating or creating.


In this set, you will receive one of each: Brazilian Quartz, Arkansas Quartz, and a Lemurian Quartz wand.

Foundational Sacred Space Grid Set

  • *Due to natural formation: size and shape of crystals slightly vary. Crystals measure from 3in-5in in length.