Tourmalinated Quartz is a beautiful and unusual combination of clear quartz with inclusions of black tourmaline. This melding of these two minerals creates a powerful healing combination. Clear quartz is an amplifier, one of the most common and powerful crystal healing tools, used to increase energy in the system. Black tourmaline acts like a conductor, picking up any stray elements of negativity and neutralizing them.

Because of this, tourmalinated quartz is exceptionally powerful in purifying and cleansing, while eliminating physical and psychic toxins from the system while also helping to neutralize affects of electromagnetic stress. It also clears the mind of clutter or negativity and establishes clear patterns of thought, which can be helpful in clearing negative emotional issues relating to the past, enabling a fresh start.

Tourmalinated Quartz Tower

  • One of a kind piece - only 1 unit available.

    Size: 3.5in H x 1in W