This custom formula is made with pure spring water infused with TIBETAN QUARTZ from Lake Yamdrok region and Bach flower essences.



We call it “Peace Through Uncertainty”. 



We recommend placing the drops under your tongue 4-6x times a day at MINIMUM and/or putting it in your water to infuse it with the essence. 

"I am" statements that aid in your healing with this elixir:

    • I am tranquil.
    • I am hopeful despite difficulty or tragedy.
    • I am free from limiting influences & beliefs that inhibit healthy transitions & evolution
    • I have faith through adversity.
    • I have courage & confidence to face life’s challenges.
    • I allow deep rest & renewal.
    • I am whole.


      (2oz bottle)


      *We use flower essences manufactured by Bach Remedies and/or FES along with natural spring water. Flower essences are distilled in small amounts of brandy for preservation, and do not contain any seed, nut, or pollen traces. Safe for children and animals too!

      Peace Through Uncertainty - Gemstone Flower Elixir