Morganite is a magician of the heart, as it is a nurturer and always ready to open you up to the wonders that are waiting for you in the wider world. It ensures self-love, self-respect, and self-care. Morganite strengthens your inner reserves so that you are able to invite unconditional love to flow. It also softens stress and tension.


Aquamarine is a vital tool in cleansing and clearing the water element, a symbol of our emotions and feelings. After all, our bodies are over 70% water in their make up and, therefore, keeping this element balance is crucial. Aquamarine helps to cleanse the water element within, clearing away emotional toxicity and bringing inner peace. It is an excellent crystal to keeping the bridge clear between the heart and the throat. Aquamarine encourages creative verbal expression and harmonious communication. It also soothes powerful feelings, such as grief or loneliness.

Morganite + Aquamarine Bracelet

  • One size fits all.