Use this custom blended flower essence to soothe and strengthen your heart. 


  • I release the good old days and open up to something better.
  • I let go to change and know I am SAFE and protected.
  • I TRUST my life despite difficulties or setbacks.
  • I allow LIGHT and JOY back into my life.
  • I am fully PRESENT in my life.
  • I feel HOPE with each breath.


Paired with MORGANITE gemstone elixir:

  • Builds JOY in the body and builds heart blood, according to TCM.
  • Births new beginnings. Marks a start of something new- a new phase.
  • Reflects your true essence to yourself.
  • Opens the heart center and reignites love.


We recommend placing the drops under your tongue 4-6x times a day at MINIMUM and/or putting it in your water to infuse it with the essence. 


(2oz bottle)


*We use flower essences manufactured by Bach Remedies and/or FES along with natural spring water. Flower essences are distilled in small amounts of brandy for preservation, and do not contain any seed, nut, or pollen traces. Safe for children and animals too!

Happy Heart - Gemstone Flower Elixir