Abalone shell with a sage bundle, palo santo stick, and selenite. This bundle was handmade to help you shift and clear energy in your home.


Sage and palo santo can be lit to guide in a space that needs clearing of negative energy, and can also be used to cleanse yourself of negative thoughts or to clear the mind for meditation.


Selenite is a conductor of energy, and it's cleansing effects can be strongly felt on the system. It aligns all energy centers with spiritual purpose and enhances awareness of enlightenment. This makes it an excellent stone for meditation.


Abalone shells are often used as bowls when perform smudging rituals to catch hot cinders and hold what remains of the smudging stick after it is burned. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these shells are commonly ground up and administered as an "herb" to help calm stress, anxiety and calm the spirit or "shen."

Energy Clearing Bundle