The energy of smoky quartz is both soothing and enveloping, encouraging you to rest and relax back into the strength of the earth. It helps you focus and ground your energy in the present moment, bringing peace and calm while neutralizing negativity in your energy field. It is good to carry it on your person if you work in an environment filled with computers, or if you regulary spend time in a busy city with high levels of pollution or electromagnetic stress. It also protects your home from negative energies.


"Elestial" is a clear quartz variation, most commonly found as smoky quartz. This variation makes it is a powerful stone for meditation, bringing clarity and focus to overwhelming life situations, and perhaps highlighting issues in past lives, as well as this one, which are ready to be transformed through love. Although it has many facets, it also has a unified shape, as a reminder that all apparently fragmented aspects of life can be brought into wholeness and integration. 

Elestial Smoky Quartz #1

  • One of a kind - only 1 unit available. Size: ~4.5in L x 3.75in W x 1in H